Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002. New Frontiers by K. Matsuno, P Fox, A. Ecer, N. Satofuka, Jacques Periaux

By K. Matsuno, P Fox, A. Ecer, N. Satofuka, Jacques Periaux

This quantity is complaints of the foreign convention of the Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2002. within the quantity, updated information regarding numerical simulations of flows utilizing parallel desktops is given by way of major researchers during this box. certain issues are "Grid Computing" and "Earth Simulator". Grid computing is now the main interesting subject in computing device technological know-how. An invited paper on grid computing is gifted within the quantity. The Earth-Simulator is now the quickest desktop on this planet. Papers on flow-simulations utilizing the Earth-Simulator also are integrated, in addition to a thirty-two web page unique instructional article on numerical optimization.

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7. H. Wang and S. Menon, AIAA J. 39 (2001) 2308. 8. P. Ajresch, J. Zho, S. Ketler, M. Salcudean, and I. Gartshore, J. Turbomachinery, 119 (1997), 330. 9. A. Hoda, S. Acharyaand M. Tyagi, Proceedings of ASMETURBOEXPO 2000 (2000), I. Parallel ComputationalFluid Dynamics - New Frontiersand Multi-DisciplinaryApplications K. Matsuno, A. Ecer, J. Periaux,N. Satofukaand P. V. All rights reserved. A Substepping N a v i e r - S t o k e s S p l i t t i n g S c h e m e for 43 Spectral/hp E l e m e n t Discretisations Spencer Sherwin a * Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College, London, SW7 2BY, UK In this paper we investigate the application of a substepping advection algorithm in conjunction with a Navier-Stokes high order splitting scheme.

4 we apply all the previous components to arrive at a high order substepping splitting scheme for the NavierStokes equations. In section 3 we detail the application of the substepping Navier-Stokes algorithm to a model Kovasznay problem and the more applied problem of stenotic flow. 2. 1. Advection Substepping To detail the substepping and semi-Lagrangian approach we will consider, as a model problem, the scalar advection-diffusion equation r + a . Vr = vVur (1) where a(x,t) is a divergence free advection field.

R . . . . . ' s-B /r /~ ... O . J " , , , , , I 1 (a) x / D i ,iv . . p o . . . 5 (c) x / D = O, U/Wj ! 2 (b) x/D = 1, W/W~ O, U/Wj . . . o -i 2 1 o )o 0 . . 5 (d) x / D = 1, W/Wj Figure 7. Mean velocity profiles along the jet center plane (y/D=0) at different x/D. The other curves are RANS calculations reported elsewhere[9]. the LBE-LES equation. Some results for jet in crossflow is discussed here to show the ability of the LBELES approach. 5. The computational domain is resolved using 200 x 150 x 100 for the cross-flow domain and 50 x 50 x 100 for jet section.

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