Hitler's Master of the Dark Arts: Himmler's Black Knights by Bill Yenne

By Bill Yenne

Hitler’s Nazi occasion, at its evil roots, embraced a weird and wonderful interpretation of historic ecu paganism, mixing it with fragments of alternative traditions from resources as diversified as tenth-century Saxon warlords, nineteenth-century spiritualism, and early-twentieth-century fringe archeology. Even the swastika, the hated image of Nazism, had its roots in old symbolism, its first recorded visual appeal carved right into a vast tusk twelve thousand years prior to Hitler got here to power.

At the guts of the evil was once Hitler’s “witch doctor,” Heinrich Himmler, and his stranger-than-fiction cult, the lethal SS. The mundanely named Schutzstaffel, actually “protective squadron,” used to be the very essence of Nazism, and their threatening double lightning bolt was once the most dreaded symbols of the 3rd Reich. With sturdy cause: what the SS used to be really maintaining used to be the ideology of Aryan superiority.

Hitler’s grasp of the darkish Arts is the 1st historical past of the SS and its chief to target the magical cult features of the association. It follows Himmler’s transformation of the SS from a number of hundred contributors in 1929 to over fifty thousand black-uniformed Aryans via the mid-1930s. Concurrent with its growth and its eventual independence from the brown shirts of the SA, Himmler infused the Black Knights with a mishmash of occult ideals and lunatic-fringe theories that will were thoroughly laughable—except that they have been extensively utilized to justify the ultimate resolution.

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Himmler was far from being a lady's man. While in school, he admitted to have fallen in love with Maria Loritz, the daughter of a family friend and distant relative. However, Maja, as she was known, did not return his affections-even when Himmler offered her a ride on his newly acquired motorcycle. While the Wotanists were engaging in frequent orgiastic rituals in the countryside, Himmler's diary suggests that he may not have had his first sexual encounter until his mid-twenties. inchen on August 5, 1922.

Within the Nazi Party, Himmler soon found a number of members of the Thule Society. The Ariosophists gladly embraced a supportive myth, and the idea of the Aryan race rising from a distant, ice-bound land seemed as stirringly real as anything for the Nazis, just as it did for Himmler. ALMOST HOCUS-POCUS Hitler had already superseded Drexler as the central figure of the NSDAP even before he officially became party chairman in July 1921. By the time that Himmler met him, Hitler had progressed within party leadership to the all-new post of Fuhrer, meaning simply that he was the leader.

After ordering the insurgents to stack their weapons, the police let most simply walk away. Rohm, however, was taken into custody. So too were Hitler, 49 - - 50 HITLER'S MASTER OF THE DARK ARTS Ludendorff, and a number of others. Ludendorff was acquitted. Rohm had his fifteen-month sentence suspended, but was kicked out of the Reichswehr. Dietrich Eckart was jailed, though briefly; he died of a heart attack a month later. Convicted of treason, Hitler was sentenced to five years, although he would be released after just one.

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