Harmonious Intervention: China's Quest for Relational by Chiung-Chiu Huang;Chih-yu Shih

By Chiung-Chiu Huang;Chih-yu Shih

Significant positive factors of diplomacy in the beginning of the twenty first century are worldwide governance and the increase of China. worldwide governance, advocating international norms, calls for intervention into sovereign domain names in defiance of these norms. besides the fact that, an ascendant China adheres to a vintage stance on sovereign integrity which prohibits such intervention. even if China will finally Sinicize international governance or turn into assimilated into worldwide norms is still either a theoretical and a realistic problem. either demanding situations come from China's replacement type of international governance, which embodies the doctrine of 'balance of relationship,' against this with the established diplomacy embedded in 'balance of energy' or 'balance of interest.' An knowing of China's intervention coverage dependent upon the good judgment of stability of courting is for this reason the main to tackling the anxiousness brought about via those theoretical in addition to useful demanding situations.

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In other words, the purpose of intervention was to prevent or hinder the overthrow of the monarchic system in a specific state. In contrast, the US interventions have been carried out in order to promote democracy, or at least that was the excuse employed by Washington to justify the use of force against other countries. In certain cases, Washington would even support and aid the revolutionary parties in target states, and popular democracy has been claimed as the sole legitimate form of sovereignty since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Although the discourse analysis method will not be relied upon heavily, the skills presented in their book provide inspiration for interpreting the information collected for the case studies. 26 Harmonious Intervention main subject of the case studies. China’s policies toward certain states that are involved in issues of international intervention will be investigated. 2. The first criterion for selecting cases for a study of China’s interventionist behavior is that they should involve states that have been the targets of international intervention.

The realist perspective that focuses on the impact of a state’s calculation of apparent national interests and the constructivist approach that emphasizes the effects of socialization (social learning) both provide good analytical perspectives for investigating China’s interventionary behavior. Nonetheless, both theories address only structural factors. This book suggests that both internal factors shaped by a state’s culture and history and an external system of balance of relationship also play a powerful role in the formulation of that state’s pattern of intervention.

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