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Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Magick And The Fourth Book by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

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Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Magick And The Fourth booklet of Magical Cermonies (Spurious) via Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.

**This designated version is accumulating all four books of Divine Magick to your worthy number of a similar nice writer - Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Each bankruptcy and tale has the link TOC for simple optimization.

Book One
The first ebook in Occult Philosophy covers magic of the flora and fauna: stones, wooden, metals, herbs, and so on. Agrippa discusses the binds of the 4 parts to every little thing else within the universe. He states that occult virtues might be got via learning the correspondences and relationships among latest things.

Book Two
The moment e-book of Occult Philosophy delves into the mystical houses of celestial our bodies and numbers -- the magic of arithmetic and technology. Agrippa references planetary correspondences as a resource of power.

Book Three
The ultimate installment of this paintings covers the area of excessive magic -- communing with Pagan gods, angels, and different spirits. He explains how you can converse with those beings, and with God to boot. Agrippa is going into long discourse on tips to create magical symbols, the development of amulets and talismans, and the kabbalistic tree of lifestyles.

Book Four
This ebook seemed in Latin a few thirty years after Agrippa's loss of life. Johann Weyer, a pupil of Agrippa's, denounced this paintings to be spurious (cf. Praestigiis Daemonum, 1563).

This e-book fees from and expands on yes subject matters in Agrippa's 3rd ebook of occult philosophy, to create a extra concise and functional synopsis of the strategies for summoning spirits.

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Taboo: Sex, Religion & Magick by Christopher S. Hyatt, Lon Milo DuQuette, Gary Ford, Diana

By Christopher S. Hyatt, Lon Milo DuQuette, Gary Ford, Diana Hartmann

Be warned! This ebook includes descriptions of practices that may be thought of by way of a few as horrid or stunning. The vast case histories and rituals divulge what's probably the main unspeakable (and unstated) taboo of the Western psyche: the union of intercourse and faith. a must have for these drawn to intercourse Magick, Chaos Magick, Thelema, and the Golden sunrise.

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Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant

By Kenneth Grant

Famed occultist Kenneth provide maintains his explorations of the left hand direction within the compelling learn that starts off with the evolution of the Sephiroth of the Quabalistic Tree of lifestyles. He delves into the just about unknown nightside of the tree ,finding facts of extraterrestrial dimensions that, even now, stir our staff subconscious in almost certainly risky methods. We needs to comprehend those powers, says provide, for in the event that they should not managed, the violent disruptions that are already overtaking civilization turns into pandemic

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Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits by Donald Tyson

By Donald Tyson

Erotic unions with spirits have occured all through heritage, however the tools were suppressed and misplaced, shop for references and fragments in old alchemical and magical texts. This booklet provides a mystical procedure for starting up sexual unions with spirit beings and utilizing the strength published from those unions for self-empowerment and private transformation. It bargains to teach the reader: magical sexual practices and a sexual non secular union to surpass the pleasures of actual intercourse; rituals to inspire the stream of Kundalini strength; magical makes use of for sexual fluids; concepts for making a homunculus - a synthetic human.

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The Satanist by Dennis Wheatley

By Dennis Wheatley

The ritual homicide of Teddy Morden convinces Colonel Verney that the Soviets have ultimately harnessed occult powers. Fearing for the peace of the area, he appoints Barney Sullivan, a guy knowledgeable to stand the awful risk of torture and loss of life, to penetrate their perfidious secrets and techniques. to be had in October.

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The Witch's Familiar: Spiritual Partnership for Successful by Raven Grimassi

By Raven Grimassi

On the grounds that precedent days, witches and magicians have labored magic by means of Familiars, or worthwhile spirits. Familiars may perhaps take the shape of a loved puppy, a totem animal, or perhaps a necessary nonphysical entity.

Explore the interesting heritage of widespread spirits in The Witches' Familiar. Written by way of one among today's major specialists on either Wicca and conventional hereditary Witchcraft, this publication is the complete advisor to discovering and dealing with a well-recognized.

You'll examine the 3 varieties of Familiars: actual, astral, and religious. name a well-known to you, and the way to decide on a suitable identify. realize the way to use magical seals and sigils to command or unencumber a nonphysical widespread. provide yourself with protection and your family by means of asking your frequent to protect your house. Make your magic much more powerful via enlisting your Familiar's relief in spellwork and formality. maintain your bond robust, and how to liberate a well-known whilst its paintings is completed or it has handed from the actual aircraft.

This is the 1st booklet to give never-before-published conventional Craft equipment for operating with Familiars in addition to old examples from Western ceremonial magic. Your magic should be much more strong for those who mix forces with a well-known face.

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Disinformation Guide to Ancient Aliens, Lost Civilizations,

Formerly released as Underground!

Where did "modern" civilization start? What lies underneath the waves? Do myths describe interstellar impression? How'd they elevate that stone? was once the Ark of the Covenant a machine? have been there survivors of an Atlantean disaster? Who rather stumbled on the "New" World?

"Hidden history" maintains to fascinate an ever wider viewers. during this gigantic compendium, editor Preston Peet brings jointly an all-star forged of members to query validated knowledge in regards to the heritage of the realm and its civilizations. Peet and anthology individuals consultant us via interesting archeological adventures and treasure hunts, historic mysteries, misplaced or rediscovered applied sciences, and diverse "Forteana," utilizing critical medical reviews and stories, scholarly learn, and a few undeniable outdated fringe fabric, as what's thought of "fringe" this present day is frequently difficult technology tomorrow.

Contributors contain: Graham Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods and Underworld), David Hatcher Childress (Lost towns and Civilizations series), Colin Wilson (From Atlantis to the Sphinx), Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology), William Corliss (Ancient Infrastructures), Robert Schoch (Voyages of the Pyramid Builders), John Anthony West (Serpent within the Sky), Michael Arbuthnot (Team Atlantis), Erich Von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods), and plenty of extra.

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Foundations of Practical Magic by Israel Regardie

By Israel Regardie

Those essays, now revised and taken jointly, symbolize the fruit of a lifetime’s learn and adventure of occult strategies. The emphasis all through is on sensible tools of liberating the immense internal power on which magic relies, with the purpose of discovering “the jewel of a brand new life”—a lifestyles filled with artistic probabilities in response to an intensive renewal of consciousness.

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