Afload in a Boat

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Alphabetical: How Every Letter Tells a Story

From minding your playstation and Qs to thinking about why X may still mark the spot, Alphabetical is a booklet for everybody who loves phrases and language. even if it's how letters are prepared on keyboards or Viking runes, textspeak or zip codes, this publication will switch how you take into consideration letters for ever.

How in the world did we repair upon our twenty-six letters, what do they truly suggest, and the way did we come to jot down them down within the first position? Michael Rosen takes you on an unforgettable event in the course of the background of the alphabet in twenty-six shiny chapters, fizzing with own anecdotes and interesting evidence. beginning with the mysterious Phoenicians and the way sounds first got here to be written down, he races directly to convey how nonsense poems paintings, pins down the unusual tale of okay, strains our seven misplaced letters and tackles the tyranny of spelling, between many many different issues.

His heroes of the alphabet diversity from Edward Lear to Phyllis Pearsall (the inventor of the A-Z), and from the 2 scribes of Beowulf to rappers. every one bankruptcy takes on a unique topic - no matter if it's codes, umlauts or the writing of dictionaries. Rosen's enthusiasm for letters absolutely leaps off the web page, no matter if it's the tale of his existence instructed throughout the typewriters he's owned or a bankruptcy on jokes written in a string of gags and be aware video games.

So should you ever puzzled why Hawaiian merely has a thirteen-letter alphabet, why X should still mark the spot or turned shorthand for Christmas or how precisely to jot down the sound of a wild raspberry, learn on . . .

The Practical Princess and Other Liberating Fairy Tales

Six strange fairy stories contain "The useful Princess," "Stupid Marco," "The Silver Whistle," "Forgetful Fred," "Petronella," and "Philbert the Fearful".

The Flintstones on a Picnic (with Dino)

Vintage Flintstones paperback tale e-book. nice for kids or these reminiscing

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