Advances in Pharmacology and Chemotherapy Volume 7 by Silvio Garattini

By Silvio Garattini

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3 ? 8 Normal 7-11 Normal 14 ? West Bengal Markham Negro Welsh-Scottish ? 6 ? 4 Normal 162-222 ? Truncate ? Mildly biphasic Mildly biphasic ? Mildly biphesio Truncate Very biphasic Uncommon variants, with congenital nonspherocytic hemolytic disease a Slightly Slightly Normal increased increased 224 ? 14 Greatly reduced Reduced Greatly reduced ? Truncate Narrow peak ? Narrow peak From Kirkman (1968). w l 38 ELLIOT 9. VESELL increased frailty of G-6-PD-deficient erythrocytes. Normally, erythrocytes withstand oxidative compounds and maintain their glutathione in a reduced state through glutathione reductase which by means of NADPH regenerates GSH from oxidized glutathione (GSSG).

O’Reilly and associates carefully investigated the propositus and his family. Five other members of the family in three generations were also resistant to warfarin (Fig. 11). Transmission of the trait as a Mendelian dominant is suggested by the fact that all three generations and most of the members of the kindred are affected. Members of both sexes were equally affected. Environmental conditions may also cause resistance to coumarin anticoagulant drugs. 1 1 . Pedigree of family M, indicating the incidence of resistance t o coumarin anticoagulant drugs.

1960). Devadatta et nl. (1960). Gangadharam and Selkon (1961). Schmiedel(1961). J Variable degrees of Indian admixture in these “Spanish-American” populations probably explain the differences in gene frequency. Szeinberg et nl. (1963). 24 ELLIOT S. VESELL C. , 1952). This drug, also called succinylcholine, Suxethonium, Scoline, and Anectine, was described in 1906 by Hunt and Taveau, and found 43 years later to be a muscle relaxant by Bovet et al. It is most commonly employed during general anesthesia, but also used in electroconvulsive therapy and in treatment of tetanus.

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