A Short History of Malaysia: Linking East and West by Virginia Matheson Hooker

By Virginia Matheson Hooker

In guidance for a visit to Malaysia, this helped me comprehend the heritage and present outlook and matters. probably not a enjoyable learn, however it looks well-written and worthy to realizing the rustic. yet i am not knowledgeable.

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The post-Independence period is divided into the terms of the four prime ministers who have governed Malaya/Malaysia since Independence. They are named according to the characteristic features of their terms in office. Thus Tunku Abdul Rahman (1957–70) is known as Bapak Kemerdekaan (Father of Independence), Tun Abdul Razak (1970–76) as Bapak Pembangunan (Father of Development) and Tun Hussein Onn (1976–81) as Bapak Perpaduan (Father of Consolidation). It is obvious that in comparative terms the most recent period has been given the most space.

It is rare in the 21st century that any people can live entirely off the natural resources of the land, constantly on the move and without cultivating crops. However, this was possible in the lowland forests of the northern Malay Peninsula and in upland areas of Sabah and Sarawak until the early 20th century. 58587 History Malaysia F2 8/27/03 5:54 PM Page 25 Peopling Malaysia Borneo are the Penans (also known as Punans) who live in isolated areas in Sarawak, but who are physically unrelated to the Semang groups of the Peninsula.

The southwards expansion of the Han drew them into the exchange networks operating with Southeast Asia and they became part of the increasingly dynamic flow of goods and people. Bronze items were still in demand in Southeast Asia and, when bronze goods from Vietnam were no longer available, the exchange points on the Malay Peninsula increased their contact with their closer northern neighbours, particularly the Mons of Southern Burma, who were also producing good bronze work. As well, the peninsular exchange points strengthened links with the burgeoning ports of India.

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