A Manual of the Malay Language by William Edward Maxwell

By William Edward Maxwell

Sir William Edward Maxwell (1846-1897) of the interior Temple, Barrister-at-Law; Assistant Resident, Perak, Malay Peninsula, used to be the writer of A guide of the Malay Language (1882).

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Paduka. J. and S. putra. J. and S. putri. J. mantri; Mak. mantari; S. mantri, a minor official. , nara-puṅgava, an excellent warrior) xxx J. and Bat. hulubalang. J. and S. pandita. J. and S. laksmana. Mak. bandara; J. bendara, master; S. bandaran; customhouse. Kw. and S. singasana. J. and S. makuta; Mak. makota. J. upachara. , and Mak. punggawa. The incidents of Asiatic government have caused the introduction into the Malay language of such terms as the following, among others:— English. Malay.

Care, anxiety, concern dûka duka-chita chinta sukha-chit (chit = thought, the heart) duhkha (pain) duhkha-chit chintâ (thought) Passionately in love berâhî Angry murka Hope Love Avarice, covetousness âsa âsmâra lôba virahin (suffering separation) mûrkha (stupidity) âçâ smara lobha Wisdom, understanding Stupid, foolish Wise, learned bûdî buddhi bôdoh pandei abodha paṇḍita Lazy Charity, benevolence malas dermâ alasa dharma Generous dermâwan dharmavant xxvi J. and S. duka. duhkha-chit J. chipta; S.

Hong. , and Mak. batara; Bis. batala, idol. J. and S. dewa, dewata; Mak. dewa, rewata; D. dewa; Bis. dia, idol; Bat. debata; Bu. dewata. , and Mak. dewi. S. Baruna. of the waters) Mahêswâra Handûman Mahareshî Supernatural beings Indrâ Chandrâ Maheçvara Hanumant (the monkey chief in the Râmâyana) Maharshi (a sage of a pre-eminent class) Indra (king of heaven) Chandra (the moon) Vidyâdharî (a female demigod) Nymph, goddess Bidyâdârî DEMONS, &c. Demon jana, janu Malignant spirit bôta Name of a particular demon panchamaha-bôta A kind of demon Name of a particular demon An evil spirit bôga bûjangga rakshâsa râkshasa Ghost, goblin hantû hantu (death) Spectre (which bâdei vadha (killing, jana (creature, demon) bhûta panchan (five); bhûta (element); the five elements according to the Hindus are earth, fire, water, air, and æther bhoga (a snake) bhujaṃga (a snake) xxxvi Kw.

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